Cagiva mito 125 seven speed technische daten

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Cagiva Mito

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Bezoek ook de officiële website van Cagiva Motor S.P.A. Website Cagiva Motor S.P.A. Wist u dat? Wij de officiële importeur van SWM Motorcycles in de BeNeLux zijn. Meer weten? Cagiva Mito Cagiva History.

Some The following year he made his debut version of "French's C12R» with engine capacity of hp and seven-speed gearbox. This bike was able to accelerate to km / h!

CAGIVA Workshop Manuals PDF & Wiring Diagrams

Engine power increased to hp and a top speed of motorcycle - up to km / h.

Cagiva mito 125 seven speed technische daten
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