Eng 120 business literature week 2

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ENGL () Children's Literature: An introduction to works of children's literature from a variety of ethnic origins and genres including folklore, myths, epics, biographies, fiction, poetry, and informational books.

ENG Business and Professional Writing. 3 Hours ENG Medieval English Literature.

3 Hours Jonson, and Donne to Marvell, exclusive of Milton. Prerequisite(s): ENG or ENG H or ASI or equivalent. ENG Milton.

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3 Hours. Study of the major and minor poems and selected prose of. EALL Chinese Literature in Translation - to (3) KCC AA/DL 3 hours lecture per week Prerequisite(s): A grade of "C" or higher in ENG or a grade of.

Introduction to Literature in English (2) This module introduces the study of post-nineteenth century literature by examining a number of texts representing different genres (poetry, drama, prose). Texts will be from both Africa and other parts of the world.

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HUM Cultural Studies This course introduces the distinctive features of a particular culture. Topics include art, history, music, literature, politics, philosophy, and religion.

Eng 120 business literature week 2
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