Form of affirmative sentences

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Formation of Negative Sentences – Part I

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Sentence transformation: affirmative to negative

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She has been to Write. But the most important moment to remember is that an important sentence is still a sentence. These are the affirmative commands and the negative commands. In English, the affirmative command would be like “do this!” while the negative command is the opposite “don’t do that!” In French, the object pronoun which accompanies the imperative changes its position depending on.

The verb to be. Choose the correct to be form from the list to fit the sentence below.: Write the answer in the boxes, then press Enter to check.: Press Alt-N or click Next for the next sentence.

Learning the French Imperative (Imperatif)

Change the following affirmative sentences into negative. 1. John has fallen ill. 2. He smokes. 3. The thief was hiding behind a tree. Writing Negative Sentences in French Is as Easy As “Ne” + “Pas” by Benjamin Houy 24 Comments Turning a positive French sentence into a negative one is pretty straightforward.

They are declarative (affirmative or positive), interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. These types of sentences help us express and convey all our thoughts and feelings to others when used in written as well as oral communication. This is a very simple worksheet for revising the present simple tense.

There are four different and easy activities in which students are asked to complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets, circle the correct form of the verb and choose the correct word to complete the sentences4/5(10).

Form of affirmative sentences
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Using the Verb To Be Online Exercise 2