Investment risk in stock market securities

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Types of Investment Risks

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The Reality of Investment Risk

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The stock market is where buyers and sellers meet to decide on the price to buy or sell securities, usually with the assistance of a broker: Let's take a closer look at. Market risk and specific risk make up the two major categories of investment risk.

The most common types of market risks include interest rate risk, equity risk, currency risk and commodity risk. The securities market is not all that different than the real estate market.

Just as the housing market is composed of millions of families who all have a dream of home ownership, the securities market is composed of thousands of business owners who all have a dream of building and growing a successful, thriving business.

Investment Risk in Stock Market Securities Introduction: Stories of people making fortunes from the securities market have enticed many others into risky investments. Market risk, also called systematic risk, is a risk that will affect all securities in the same manner.

In other words, it is caused by some factor that. Introduction to Investing Many people just like you turn to the markets to help buy a home, send children to college, or build a retirement nest egg.

But unlike the banking world, where deposits are guaranteed by federal deposit insurance, the value of stocks, bonds, and other securities fluctuates with market conditions.

Investment risk in stock market securities
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Types of Investment Risks