Tyre retreading business plan pdf

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A Sample Tire Retreading Business Plan Template

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Tyre Retreading (By Cold Process)

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Tyre Retreading Machinery

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A Sample Tire Shop Business Plan Template

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A Sample Tire Retreading Business Plan Template

Retreading of damaged tyre is done by conventional hot matrix curing in most cases. But recently a new technology has been developed called "Precured Tread Rubber Retreading Process" which is commonly known as "Cold Process Retreading".

The correct size of curing bag and flap is inserted into the tyre according to the tyre size. The purpose of the curing bag is to inflate the tyre during the curing process. The purpose of the flap is to increase the life of the curing bag, so that the flap absorbs the heat during the curing process.

Shanghai Gerbon machine company limited located in Qingpu district, Shanghai City, whose precursor was found inhas been committed to the tires retreading and. A Sample Tire Shop Business Plan Template. Business Overview; Tire is a major component in the automobile industry hence the regular demand for tires from automobile owners.

Establishment in the retail market for auto tires industry sell automobile tires and tubes that are used on all types of passenger vehicles and freight vehicles. The tyre retreading service will be provided based on the orders to be given by individuals or enterprises that require the service B.

PLANT CAPACITY AND. Retreading of damaged tyre is done by conventional hot matrix curing in most cases. But recently a new technology has been developed called “Precured Tread Rubber Retreading Process” which is commonly known as “Cold Process Retreading”.

In this process, the Precured Tread Rubber.

Tyre retreading business plan pdf
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A Sample Tire Shop Business Plan Template